Ways To Stay Healthy Using Paddle Boards

The pandemic has taught us all to take our health into serious consideration, because no matter how advanced the human civilization gets we still rely on the basics .i.e. a healthy immunity system to protect ourselves. And exercising is key to maintaining that, maybe that is why one of the first easing measures that countries like Italy and Spain saw, was the citizens being allowed out to exercise for at least an hour. Apart from washing our hands regularly and maintain social distance a healthy dose of  fresh air, a balanced diet are quintessential.

Here are 5 ways in which a healthy SUP lifestyle boosts your immune system and helps you live a fun and healthy life:

  • Muscle strength:  If you are a SUPer you are already aware that it requires you to exercise almost every muscle of the body, from your neck, shoulders and arms, down to your legs and feet, and even works your core. Core strength is good for all of your body’s functions, and healthy bodily functions are key to a healthy immune system.

SUP also improves body balance, another important factor in staying healthy. Learning to maintain a constant standing position on moving water takes full body concentration and effort.

Whether you plan to try SUP yoga, SUP surfing, traditional paddling or any of the other fun ways to SUP, you’re going to benefit with a leaner, stronger, healthier body.

  • Burns Calories: Paddle boarding will have you using muscles you might not know you have. The results will be a strong and toned body. And the reflection staring at you out of the mirror will surprise you.  SUPing burns loads of calories, on average; you can burn up to twice as many calories with SUP as you would with speed walking on a treadmill. If you SUP harder, faster or longer, you could burn even more.

These activities might help you lose more

SUP Surfing: SUP got its start from early surfers and is an excellent way of burning calories. In an  hour of SUP surfing, you can burn up to 600-to-750 calories.

SUP Racing: Racing will definitely get your blood pumping and boost blood circulation. SUP racing also burns major calories. Depending on what kind of racer you are, you can burn 700 calories or more in just one hour.

SUP Yoga: SUP Yoga is one of the most popular forms of non-traditional SUP. It’s a great mind-body workout and a good calorie burner. An hour of SUP can burn 400-to-450 calories and get you relaxed and settled for the day.

  • Gets the heart pumping: This little organ is one of the most important in the body and as one progresses through life the added stress makes it essential to take good care of the heart by exercising. Exercising gets your heart pumping and in turn, your heart gets well-oxygenated blood to all of your muscles. Not only will you be boosting the immune system, but also saving yourself from heart disease which makes you vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses, including viruses and Covid-19. If there’s one thing all of us can do to boost our immune systems, it’s to maintain a healthy heart by not smoking, eliminating bad fats and processed foods, and getting plenty of healthy exercise.
  • SUP beats stress: One of the ugliest sides of this lockdown has been the increase in the amount of stress levels for almost every individual and stress can lead to several diseases, especially the ones plaguing one’s heart. SUP is a proven way to get a grip on stress. It distracts you from your worries, forces your attention on the process of paddling and balancing, and gets you in tune with Mother Nature. All of this adds up to a healthier mind, healthier heart and healthier immune system.

Tip: One truly beautiful way to use your Lucid paddle board to beat stress is to convert it to kayak mode for a leisurely paddle down a gorgeous canopied waterway.

  • Gets the body fresh air and plenty of sunshine: Almost 40% of the people on this planet suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D, a number that increase during the winter season and also government imposed lockdowns! The easiest way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D is to soak in plenty of sunshine, since it’s availability in tablet form is limited. SUP makes soaking in the sun so much more fun.

Tip: A post-workout massage is a great way to treat yourself after a blood-pumping SUP session. Lockdown won’t last forever, so look online for a skilled massage therapist near you who can help with muscle repair after your workouts.

Written by William Lester