SUP Fitness Regime

The year has sprung surprises on all us and the most unpleasant of those was its ability to get us all cooped up in our houses. Among other things, our fitness regimes have suffered tremendously and there is no way to counter the extra calories you’re gaining from sitting on your couch and indulging your sweet tooth in some vein hope of getting comfort! Or is there? This post is all about how to get yourself off your couch and on your iSUP, and up your fitness game now that the gyms are closed.

SUP boarding for beginners

With most of the fitness studios closed all over the world and a degree of fear and even restriction on the ability to go out to parks maybe it is a good time to invest on an iSUP. The only thing that could be standing between you and a new stand up paddle board might be cost. Fear not, Lucid is offering incredible deals and interest-free financing to help you through this strange time.

Here is a rundown of the prices and the features of a sleek and simple board specially designed for beginner paddlers called  Lucid Paddle Board

  • Lucid measures 10′4” x 34″ x 5″ thick when rolled up and weighs just 40 pounds, meaning it’s ultra-mobile and easily packed away when not in use.
  • Constructed with dual layer military-grade drop stitch material to prevent dents, dings or damage from debris, bumps or even dropping your board.
  • Fully inflated, Lucid can hold up to 290 lbs., so feel free to bring your dog or a buddy along for the ride.
  • Large front storage area for strapping down gear, plus three carry handles to pull or hold your Lucid board from the front, middle, or rear.
  • Killer one-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Lucid package includes board, adjustable fiberglass paddle, detachable fins, coil ankle leash, and carry bag.
  • Low entry-level price point starts at just $49!

Lucid Boards can be financed for as little as ZERO interest for up to 4 months, thanks to our financing partnership with Klarna.

Other than this, the other thing that will have most of the newbies attention will be his/her ability to balance himself/herself atop the board. It’s like yoga where it is important to be slow, strong, and steady with the moves to keep your balance on one foot or bent into a stretch. Along with this comes the ability to strengthen your core, tone your entire body and use your paddle to make things easy and fun.

Here are a few things that are to be got out of the way before you can go paddling away though:

  1. Inflate your board properly: An under- or over-inflated board won’t do you any favors, so learning how to inflate your board (and deflate it for travel or storage) is the key to proper paddling.
  2. Learn the Right (and Confident) Way to Pop up onto Your Board: Popping up looks easy enough and with a bit of practice, it is. What’s key is really going for it and keeping your eyes high while keeping your feet firmly in the right place.
  3. Know How to Hold and Use your Paddle: Might sound a tad silly, but it is of immense importance. You’ll see that your paddle is scooped, a bit like an ice cream scoop. Many newbies start out by “scooping” the water with the “scoop” facing backward, using the inverted part of the scoop to push the water. However, the right way is with the “scoop” (what we call the blade) facing forward.


Tip: If you’re a bit unsteady on your first paddle, shorten your adjustable paddle and get started from a sitting or kneeling position.

Maximum Fitness from Your Stand up Paddle Boarding

If you’re already a SUPer, the number of closed beaches might be deterrent for you and this might have you driving farther away than before in order to find a waterway, which in turn reduces your paddling time!

So here are some tips for getting maximum fitness from your stand up paddle boarding sessions:

  • Try something new, like yoga, SUP with your pet, or carrying another rider. All of this will give your core and your muscles an added workout, and burn off more calories in the process.
  • Arrive prepared. Why waste time inflating and deflating, when you’re trying to get maximum time on the water. An electric SUP pump just might be your newest BFF.
  • Consider kayaking on rapids. It’s a totally different workout from traditional SUP and you’ll feel it the next day.

Get the family involved in the routine

The kids must also be getting frustrated with being stuck in the house all day and of course that is making parenting even more demanding! Well, you can always get them involved in your SUP fitness routine, never mind whether you’re new to it or a pro. Lucid makes a family-friendly boards that are perfect for families or groups of friends who want to paddle together. Or, if the idea of paddling with the entire family on one board doesn’t sound like your thing, then take advantage of current sales and interest-free financing to get your kids paddling on their own board.

Written by William Lester