Reasons To Take Your Phone Paddle Boarding.

Paddle Logger, the app was created to document what paddlers were up to when paddling, of course, unobtrusively, and the whole user experience has always been centered around this one button and that’s it: tracking, safety, sorted. But why should you keep your phone on you why paddling?

Here’s a few reason why:

  • To make memories: Now that our phones have excellent camera and loads of storage space, what is exactly stopping you from documenting those beautiful moments experienced at sea with your friends, family or just by yourself on the paddle board? That photo of the sunset will look even better when at sea, or maybe that pod of dolphins that you could not take a picture of because you did not have your camera on you, let those things happen to you no more. Just take your phone with you and preserve the memories that are to be preserved for these are not only for now but they will definitely bring a smile to your face when you look at them years from now. Maybe, they will signify the beginning of a grand story that you’ll be telling your grandkids 50 years from now, who know! So do not miss out on the opportunity and any way, in this digital where we live vicariously through photos posted on the internet, you’ll not only be clicking the photos for yourself, but also for others who might not be able to enough the sun and the waves presently.
  • Sharing Experiences: Paddle Logger was started simply to record what paddlers achieved on the water and share it with their friends. Inspiring them to maybe come and try an awesome new sport, to come and share an adventure on the water. But, not only can you document your lovely adventures on sea on the social media but you might also be able to raise awareness on important issues. You might see effects of water pollution around and having your phone on you will ensure that the post finds its way to asocial media platform, in turn making people more aware of the necessity of preserving the surrounding flora and fauna.
  • Document training: If you are training for a race or have fitness goals that you need to achieve then you definitely need the help of technology. Whether that is the latest Garmin, SpeedCoach or an Apple Watch. Being able to record your distance, check your splits, heart rate, etc. is all vitally important. Equally as important is being able to see a breakdown of your past training sessions and how far you have been across the week.

Paddle logger can obviously help you with that, for example, if you wanted to experiment with different stroke techniques, with Paddle Logger you can try one out and make a record of where you changed stroke by dropping a pin. Then you can very quickly and easily visualize on the trip map where you were faster, which is more efficient etc. The same is true of reviewing your sessions in general. Identifying where you slow down and then being able to address that with a training plan is vital. And you can do all this very easily with the help of your phone.


Written by William Lester