Paddle boarding Can Relieve Stress

One of the major downside of the modern way of life is the truck load of stress that we inherit because of it. There is no other way about it either; I mean what else are you going to do? Quit your job, not worry about your family? It’s super easy to just say “chill!” but practically it is achievable.

Instead the next best thing we can do is look for ways to dissipate stress from time to time. Assign yourself a few hours a day that will take you away from all these worries and let you have the peace of mind that you deserve. Relaxing on the waterfront or on it is probably one of the best ways to relieve stress, so go SUPing maybe? There are a number of coping mechanisms out there of suggested stress relievers that you’ll find yourself fulfilling.

SUP is a Great Exercise

Exercise is in common knowledge a great of overcoming stress. In fact, ‘Healthine’ cites exercise as one of our most important tools to deconstruct stress. It is a full body workout, in nature, on the water, releasing endorphins. These endorphins can lead to a mood lift, reduce pain and increase pleasure, and even contribute to better sleep. Not to mention all the Vitamin D you would be soaking in while paddling in the Sun.

A Challenge you can overcome

It’s only natural to break down when one is under a lot of stress but succeeding at something at that time, (maybe even a tiny little thing) can give you the confidence and momentum that you need to sprint forward. Once you have overcome one challenge, you find that dealing with much bigger ones becomes so much easier; accomplishing the challenge of paddle boarding will fill you with a real sense of self satisfaction. Knowing that you have the capability to approach and overcome a challenge such as SUP will help equip you with the confidence needed to conquer other issues at hand.

SUP encourages personal awareness

In a very practical way, SUP demands self-awareness. You need to know where and how to position your feet on the board, to understand the best paddle grip in order to steer your ship and how to engage your core to provide stability and power when on the move. By concentrating on connecting these muscles and movements in your body, you can also align your breath with your exercise. As you balance all of these physical elements to stay afloat, you’ll most likely be more in touch with yourself than you have been all day. Focusing your energy on being aware of your body and how you move with the water is a natural and healthy way to relieve stress because you’re effectively avoiding the negative thoughts running circles in your mind.

SUP is humbling

It’s been seen that time and again riders awaken within themselves a deeper awareness of nature and its immensity when on the board. Whether you’re floating on still waters with an empty mind or paddling through the current, it’s hard not to spend time on a SUP and not come out of it with a greater respect for the sheer size and power of nature. This humbling experience of being aware of the vast expanse of nature out there and the forces operating at a power much greater than a single person could ever possibly attain stirs an awe within us that settles in peace and amazement. Faced with the vast immenseness of the ocean and nature you realize that you’re just a small part of this universe turning on its cogs and lets you think beyond all of the personal bothers and stressors of our lives.

You can SUP with your Community

You can always gather your gang, friend and family members, and go SUPing together. Not only will it remind you that you have people who will support you no matter what the situation is but you’ll also feel the positive vibes emanating from them and seeping into you. You may also find the opportunity to strike up a meaningful conversation (maybe about what’s stressing you out) in a space removed from the pressures associated with your typical setting.   

And, thus, you see how SUPing might actually help you get rid of that unwanted load of stress on your shoulders? Put on your bathing suit, pack your SUP kit and head off to the water, come on, go on. What are you waiting for!

Written by William Lester