Paddle Board For The Holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us and you have not yet been able to zero down on a gift for your loved ones. Let me suggest something. Why not go away from the done to death suggestions? Believe me, if you don’t get them that jumper or perfume or watch, someone else will!

Instead choose something that will not only be of use to them but will also inspire them to keep themselves fit and healthy. Yes, I am suggesting you get your ones a Stand Up Paddle board.

Let me elaborate further:

  • Spend quality time with your loved ones: Life is short and more importantly, you are super busy and there are hardly chances enough to wind down with friends and family! The truth is that you have got to create these chances and paddle boarding is the perfect excuse.

Owning a SUP allows you to amp up on quality time by hitting the water with friends and family. With the gift of a stand up paddle board you can create the memories of a family day on the water, a peaceful floating picnic with a partner, or a fishing trip with friends. It can be a challenge to bring the kids along for the ride but with the readily available family-sized paddle boards, take comfort in teaching your young ones how to get on the water with confidence. 

The Lucid Paddle Board was made to spend a day on the water surrounded by good company. The extra large deck and additional grab handles make it easy to bring friends and kids on board.

  • Ultimate Workout: Focus on core strength and balance with a group SUP yoga session or challenge yourself with fast paced rides and race with friends to build muscle and burn calories quickly. If you are looking for toning and strength training activities try riding through choppy waters for a greater intensity workout.

Our Outpost Paddle Board was designed with extra durability in mind to keep up with active lifestyles. The full deck traction allows the board to be enjoyed at any level of paddle boarding experience and to keep you onboard while you’re cutting through the waves. 

  • Encourage a balanced lifestyle: The ability to gift your loved ones the blessing of balanced lifestyle is precious. Stand up paddle boarding not only boosts overall fitness while building endurance, but promotes stress relief and relaxation too. Bring a loved one along for a paddle board yoga session or a quiet morning on the water. Take the time to focus on your overall wellness while building a connection with nature and enjoying the fresh air. 

Lucid Paddle Board was made ready to take on lengthy rides. Travel-friendly and portable, its design lets you soak up extended time in nature with long rides surrounded by beautiful scenery.

  • Add a pinch of adventure to life: An outing with your SUP almost always assures the possibility of an adventure. Who knows what you’ll come across while paddling in the ocean or river, a pretty fish, a dolphin or a relic from ancient times!

Lucid paddle board is equipped to handle any task. The paddle holder and two 4 point bungees secure all of your gear while you enjoy SUP yoga, fishing, or other activities. Plus, the deck is large enough to bring along your dog, kids, or even another paddler. 

And if you have been convinced that a SUP board will actually be a good gift to give this holiday season, do remember the accessories that go with the board.



  1. Adjustable Paddle: Extra paddles make great gifts for those who want to bring friends and family along for the ride. This ultra durable 3 piece paddle can be broken down to a travel-friendly size and boasts an adjustable shaft to fit any rider’s height.
  2. Day Bag: Protect their epoxy SUP from heat and every day wear and tear. The day bag’s shoulder strap and carry handle let them bring their stand up paddle board anywhere with ease.
Written by William Lester