Paddle Board Fly Fishing

Do you feel like you have exhausted your options while fishing from the shore and have not been reaping the rewards that you had expected? Maybe, it is time to try something new! You have your SUP lying around and it competes with your fishing time, doesn’t it? You are often in the dilemma, as to go fishing or go SUPing, well; why not make the best of both worlds. Fishing from your SUP board allows you to explore fishing grounds in deeper waters and definitely increase your chances of catching a few. On the plus side, you could be relaxing in the water instead of relaxing by it.

Here, read on and let me tell you the benefits of fly fishing from your board.

  • Access to new Fishing Spots: A paddle board allows you to navigate areas of lakes, bays, oceans and ponds that cannot be accessed by boat or foot. With a paddle board, you can navigate super shallow water, tight coves, and areas close to islands & land where populations of fish thrive. In terms of mobility, paddle board paddles allow SUPs to have superior agility (compared to boats) to quickly and easily reach spots where the fish are
  • Enhanced Field of Vision: Since you will be hovering just around 2-6 inches above the water, you will be able to see the marine life under the board and be able to gauge where to cast your line. An inflatable board is always preferable when fishing as it enables you to sit the highest above the surface of the water (6 inches). Lastly, fishing-specific paddle boards have an expensive deck pad, which offers you a generous amount of room to freely move about your board
  • Increased Stealth: Fly fishing from a SUP allows you the advantage of silently moving along the surface of the water without the fishes being able to detect your presence. Sneak up on your prey to score the catch of the day. Ultimately, there is less of chance that you will scare away fish while SUP fishing.
  • Worry Free Casting: Fly fishing from a SUP gives you ample room to properly cast your line. Never again will you have to worry about casting into bushes or hitting anything or anyone with your line
  • Full Body Work Out: Other than getting to pursue your hobby, fly fishing from the SUP allows you the chance of a work out. Paddling your SUP from land to your favorite fishing spots will work almost every muscle in your body. Paddle boarding incorporates all the key elements of a full-body: strength, balance, core and endurance. A bonus to your workout will be the extra weight of your fishing gear. While cruising from point A to point B might sound strenuous, but your constant movements will help keep you focused on everything that’s going on around you.
Written by William Lester